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Italia famous for amazing
landscapes, social atmosphere
and phenomenal buildings . Active
traveler must necessarily visit this region
even once in a lifetime. find out this way that
whole world is very varied, also
definitely worth it discovering it systematically by reading
new neighborhoods .
In Italy worth interest for sure will Rome,
so he can be best place
travels . And with which monuments worth
read Italy, to the trip has become a unusual experience?
At start it is possible go to to the Colosseum – most attractive monument in Italy. This most common symbol
Italy , called also Flavian Amphitheater.
The first elements of the building were created already in the 1st century, and until
today remains monument preserved on the ground , so visitors be in
able still them admire . Next stage
trips will Altar of the Fatherland , to which goes
you will reach it avenue from the Flavian Amphitheater. Object
enchanting with its beauty , and even better looks at night . Altar means
very a lot for native Italians ,
because is a monument state
Italy , therefore should absolutely find yourself
schedule expeditions. And the next , very much
attractive object will be Roman Forum – age square
urban. It surrounds it
seven hills in which is located
popular Capitol . Once that’s what Forum was place , where organized
the most important moments public . Building
was destroyed many years ago, however now
tourists further can see its remains and thanks
ago experience truly Italian life. Equally
interesting monument will Arch of Constantine , built between the years 312-315. It was made to honor Emperor Constantine and reward him for
won against Maksentius. Visitors necessarily
must look at details monument which
were done with amazing diligence .
The Arch of Constantine may end Italic

Without a doubt the capital of Italy every tourist {will charm |
completely another monument. Best then go
to various buildings, look to unknown
alleys and enjoy beauty Rome. During sightseeing neighborhood , it is worth sometimes for
moment stop and go to street
cafes . in the end this is Rome famous for
amazing cuisine, that’s why everyone here

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